Private coaching options – all virtual

To arrange an online meeting to discuss any of these options, please visit our contact page.

Quick Fire Action

Suitable for:
  • Handling a fairly short-term tricky situation / dilemma
  • Wanting an external sounding board and learning assistant/guide
  • Helping you develop important habits quickly
  • Preparing and managing a personal transition

One hour every two weeks

  • Minimum 6 sessions


Suitable for:
  • A wider assessment of your current position, personality and direction
  • Developing into a new role where you have some understanding and some of the attributes
  • Exploring how to handle difficult relationships and experiment with new approaches
  • Demanding a bit more of yourself, providing you with a greater reward

One hour a month

  • Minimum 3 sessions

Recharge: Relaunch – A refreshed and improved me

Suitable for:
  • A deeper dive into who I am, what I want and an opportunity to develop some of this, whilst retaining my own personality. Often for those undergoing an important transition or wanting to develop a greater competence in influencing, emotional intelligence etc.
  • A chance to redress some balance in aspects of life
  • A programme of gradual shift with experimentation and learning throughout the contract, building purposeful transformation

Six one-hour sessions over 9 months, including 1 psychometric tool

My Thinking Partner

A monthly e-mail contact, nudges and items of interest and a virtual session every three months – for former coaching clients
(12 months contract)