Tracking your habits

Here is a simple way to track progress when trying to develop new habits from James Clear’s excellent book. Whatever method you use make sure you are aware of your successes as well as noticing where you can sharpen up and put more effort. The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide: Why and How to Track Your … Read more

Boredom, resilience and mental toughness.

Does each day seem much like the one before? Are you dealing with a full schedule of back to back ‘teams’ or ‘webex’ sessions leaving you drained? This article highlights the dangers of boredom creeping in, as you slip into an unhelpful mode of thinking. Stay alert to that and gain focus! We are offering … Read more

Positive thinking is not enough!​

You’ll see lots of articles emphasising positive thinking almost as if it’s a panacea. There is almost a cult of optimism and the recently cited ‘boosterism’. Dream it and you can do it. Except the very task of dreaming and picturing yourself doing that may leave a greater feeling of contentment and lessen your will … Read more

Adding or detracting value?

Is it wise to always add value? When I coach leaders one thing I challenge them to do is consider how they can add value to each person they are directly responsible for. With one person it might be by sharing their technical expertise, another it might just be helping navigate the unseen organisational relationships … Read more